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Spuff messages are free and disappear without leaving a trace. Send and receive messages from other users and your Spuff friends and give your opinion on any topic posted.

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Spuff is an instant messenger for iPhone focused on one-to-one communication when communication is clearly intended to be private.

We wanted to develop a tool for mobile phones, that preserve our expectations of privacy in everyday life communications.

We assumed that everyday life attacks to privacy came mainly from a type of hacker, always hungry for knowledge, that lives, eats and sleeps with us. Secondly, from our close friend who makes public what is supposed to be confidential due to a "fat finger" and finally, from our colleagues and managers due to a variety of reasons.

In this scenario we thought we could avoid privacy violations with a high level of success making messages disappear from the screen once sent or read and clearing all data related to them from the memory of the mobile devices and the server.

Development work took us a year but finally we got, our Spuff app.

And that's it, we have developed Spuff app, at a first satege only for iPhone, to offer a messaging service for interpersonal communication when it is intended to be private . Spuff is available on the App Store and distributed worldwide.

We wanted to offer you a solid app, that reaches the level of top instant messengers in terms of security and performance, an app Inexpensive as it is your e-mail service and an app very easy to use.

The sound effects and animation make using Spuff a lively experience.

In addition, Spuff provides a pleasant feeling of cleanliness.

Key features:

  • Messages Disappear : Spuff messages disappear from the screen of the recipient within 15 seconds from opening or before by doing double tap on the bubble that contains the message.
  • Messages Are Not Stored: Messages sent or received in the chat are not stored on the server or in the memory of the mobile phone.
  • Send Directly To A Phone Number: You can send a message to a user that is not in your contact list by simply entering the phone number of the user and once the message is sent, no data will be stored or displayed.
  • Post A Topic To Receive Messages From Any User Not Revealing Your Phone Number: You can publish a topic with your name allowing any user to send a message by simply tapping on your topic. Users don't need to know your mobile phone number. When you remove your topic, those users who did not know your phone number before, cannot contact you anymore because your phone number was not disclosed.
  • Avoid Screenshot Risk: The content of the message is shown on a screen with no data (name, phone number, date and time) that could reveal the identity or associate with the sender, avoiding the risk derived from a screenshot.
  • up to par with
    the best
    daily use
  • a pleasant
    of cleanliness
  • send messages
    to users
    outside your
    contact list
  • post a topic
    to receive
    from any user
The man with the plan
José Antonio Moratal, a.k.a. Morris
Project management and development
Adrián Apodaca
Service infrastructure and development
Nexus5: Alejandro Alonso & Gonzalo Álvarez
Graphic design
CF Comunicación: Gonzalo Suárez, Carlos Pellicer & Miguel Izco
Legal advisors
Jones Day: Manuel Vara, Paloma Bru
LegalForce RAPC Wordlwide/Trademarkia: Mitesh Patel
MB Asociados: Juan Sagües
Who can I send Spuff messages to?
You may exchange Spuff messages with any iPhone user who has downloaded Spuff on the mobile device and has Internet connection.
Who can I receive Spuff messages from?
You can receive messages from any iPhone user who has downloaded Spuff on the mobile device and has Internet connection.
How do I add or delete a Spuff contact?
Spuff generates its contact list from your list of contacts of your iPhone and to add or delete a contact you must do it directly from your list of contacts.
When adding new contacts to your iPhone database, Spuff automatically adds them to your Spuff contact list and identifies those who already have downloaded the application.
The only way to delete a contact from your Spuff contact list is to delete it from your iPhone contact list.
How do I recommend Spuff to a contact?
There are two ways to do this:
  1. From Settings. By simply doing tap on "Recommend to a friend", Spuff will send an email with an invitation message.
  2. From Contacts, your Spuff list of contacts. Tap on the contact, and then tap on "Recommend to a friend" to send the invitation to join Spuff via e-mail or via text message, at your discretion.
Which Apple devices are compatible with Spuff?
To use Spuff version 1.0 you must have iOS 4.3 or higher. To enhance your experience, it is recommended to use the most recent version of your iPhone.
How can I avoid receiving unwanted comments about a topic posted by me?
Remember that users who do not know your phone number before removing your topic published, may not contact you after unpubished your topic because your phone number was not disclosed. So to prevent unwanted comments to your topic without removing it, you can ask our support team to block the user that sends you unwanted comments or report abusive content or behavior, if so, by email to support@spuffmessenger.com. Please go to "Objectionable content" at Settings for details.
Do I have to pay to send spuff messages when I'm roaming?
When you receive roaming charges it is probable that your Internet provider apply additional fees for using the 3G connection.
Is there an extra cost for Spuff messages?
Spuff messages are transmitted using your mobile data plan, such as e-mails, and we do not charge any extra cost on the messages you sent o received. The small price you paid after the third month, for the purchase of the service that allows you sending an unlimited number of messages, is the one and only from our side.

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